Scarcity & Comparison

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

I have lately been meditating on the idea of scarcity. It is of highly visibility in this community that many ambitious and aspiring pole dancers, athletes, competitors, content creators, and Instagram-ers…may be preoccupied with the idea of scarcity. That people’s attentions are limited, opportunities are limited and highly coveted, that pathways of our own are blocked with huge obstacles and impossibilities. That we have to be or do more, every single day, to allow good fortune to come to us. I have my own personal relationship with this, one that goes back and forth depending on the season, and the work I am producing at the time. I can’t help but think of this affirmation, “I let go of Exhaustion as a status symbol, and Productivity as self-worth.”

I just want to offer a meditation, should you like to consider it….

Forget the idea of scarcity. Put it aside for a moment. Put aside the idea that there is only so much to go around; only so much opportunity, only so much choice, only so much space, only so much love. That if one person is brilliant, you must be less brilliant. That one persons physical beauty diminishes yours. That there is only one metaphorical (and even literal at time) stage, and only so many people can fit onto it.

Let’s embrace the idea for a moment that the world and its energy is completely abundant. That this abundance is waiting to be embraced, waiting to let your blockages of fear fade so it can be provided to you. That the amount of pathways that exist are completely infinite. That within the scope of our life, we can gather information, search for meaning, search for knowledge, gain experience, trailblaze, carve out new place to venture, rest and reflect, share space, give space, take space. That what we have to give is worthy, that what we are is worthy, and by cultivating the very best of ourselves (in balance), we can harness the creativity needed to offer something to the world that it needs. And that we can do this without total depletion of our energetic resources.

Start to imagine for yourself that your journey of movement is not a direct line of accomplishment and growth from A to B, but a veiny, snaking, shared web (like the tree roots in the photo, tangling with another) that grows through present decisions, faith, self-awareness, sharing, providing, failing, failing again, celebrating, loving what you do. No, every part of that pathway doesn’t start or end with abundant wealth of the financial sort, but it does yield so many other types of wealth you may not even consider.

My whole point, friends? Try not to judge, control, or over-plan your path. Our community has itself been evolving and going in directions we didn’t expect, and those old pathways that everyone thought they had to jump on to “make something” of their efforts in this industry is over-treaded and, well, just not the only path anymore. People are constantly surprising me with the space they are making for themselves. Allow the Butterfly Effect to take root in you, and you may land where you never ever imagined. That’s the thing, our minds may think they know what we want, but just imagine the unexpected, miraculous surprises in your life, and how the Universe sometimes gave you exactly what you needed, before you knew what that need was. I can’t help but think of that time I feared going freelance even though I was dreaming and pursuing the idea. I needed to be free of investing my time so heavily in other people’s pursuits that I didn’t wholeheartedly back, simply for a paycheck and stability. I wanted this life change so badly, but I hesitated. I was afraid. I was afraid there wasn’t enough work for me if I reached for it on my own. And then, WHAM, my job was outsourced and I was let go the very week I was more seriously considering leaving. Fired on a Friday, fired-up on a Monday, and full swing into the next chapter of my life. The one that led me right here. Best thing that even happened for me, and it was provided.

comparisonI’ll end with this, a major blockage for many of us. Comparison. Take a look at this card. Take a real good look, before you read anymore. What do you see? You may see 2 important, vital, gorgeous beings of nature. They are the same, and yet they are not. One doesn’t ask the other why they can’t have bark and gorgeous colorful shedding leaves in Fall, and one doesn’t ask the other why it can’t be thin, green, exotic. They each have a place in this world, and the idea that they might feel jealous or comparative is absolutely ridiculous. The message of this card freed something in me, and I had to share it with you. There will always be someone with qualities that you admire, love, even covet. But you are you, the only you in the world, so why not embrace that in your dance and your life, and see the crazy places you can go.

This card is taken from the Osho Zen Tarot.

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