Freestyle Friday Playlist: The Elements

I can’t tell you, to my delight, how many times each week I am asked about my playlists! I do spend a ton (and I mean, A TON) of time agonizing over the right balance, variety, and usability of the music I play in classes and workshops. I would credit so much of the energy we build inside those 90 minutes to the complimentary sounds we hear and absorb. It is very hard to appeal to different tastes, movement styles and preferences, while also just giving the body just what it needs to explore the specific quality we might be trying to attain. Music selection is a type of poetry for the dancer.

Tonight in class we are going to be deeply inspired by elemental energy. In almost any dance you see, you can find the predominant element it exudes (and we usually have a preference for ourselves, unconsciously or otherwise). Whether it is the perspective, clarity, or communication of air energy…the fluid, adaptable, and expressive quality of water…the ever-changing, dynamic, surprising, powerful fire…or the grounded, rooted, sensuous earth. If we really focus and tap into these powers (through instinct, visualization, or the like), we can emulate them. And it will appear to transform us, or better yet, clarify the beauty of our movement and movement choices.

Please enjoy this Power of Elements Playlist. I haven’t labeled which song is identified with what quality, I want your intuition to do that. 🙂 But know that I start with Earth, traveling into Fire, then Water, and finishing with Air. Please enjoy!

Side note: This playlist is a bit different. Lots of instrumental, some really deviate from what you might hear in an American dance class, or what you might choose for yourself. Try and embrace it, and see what might come from it, even if at first your mind tries to reject it. New stuff may come up for you.

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