Socia Media: the 3-to-1 Rule

Hey fellow Freestylers! I want to institute and encourage a new policy for those of you who engage with the ‪#‎findingyourfreestyle‬ hashtag…

The 3-to-1 Rule.

When you post or share a video, whether it’s an accomplishment, process creation, exploration, or anything else promoting yourself and your journey, take the (additional) time to also comment/share/like/support 3 others posts out there! 3-to-1. Let’s create a cycle of support and positivity in this community. If you, like me, already intuitively do this, awesome and thank you for creating momentum!

I just want to make sure we are aware and intentional about the way we interact with each other. We will all feel more supported, motivated, and proud to be here if we send out these good vibes. Thank you for your time and a happy, groovy week to you!!!!

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