What Are Your 2017 Movement Intentions?

2017 MOVEMENT INTENTIONS… What are yours?

Now is as great a time as any to put thought to word, and start manifesting the intentions we have for our movement practice this year. This isn’t necessarily the place to write that laundry list of tricks you want to check off the list, or to claim long-term tangible goals like a competition entry or more concrete skill set. But maybe looking more objectively at that bigger picture, those subtle and powerful desires we have to find worthiness and fulfillment in our movement. The stuff past your identity-driven image or egoic mind (And yes, it’s VERY hard to discern sometimes, or even detach from that aspect of ourselves when we dance).

FYF-ResolutionsWhat sensations, freedom, knowledge, and experience do you want this year? What do you want MORE of when you step on that floor, put on that song, or grab that pole to start moving? What do you want to FEEL? What do you want to SEE in yourself? Do you want to move more often? Love it more deeply? Respect and care for your body and spirit more lovingly? Gain freedom? Strength? Patience? Lose those habits that keep you restricted, stagnant, and judging? What about comparisons, and imitation? What about inspiration? How do we nurture that?

Let’s set some clear, simple, and powerful intentions for our year. The more you can get down to the roots of what your REALLY need and want, the more effective this can be. This takes time. Write it down and put it in your space, leave it as a wallpaper on your phone, set it as a monthly alarm to check in with it. Are you making consistent decisions to honor this intention? What holds you back, what patterns do you fall into to disrespect and disregard these wishes? We all have them! The sooner we can awaken and identify when we get in our own way, the better. It isn’t a linear path.

And I hope this online space, and even our events, can help you unlock and blossom these intentions.

Mine? I want to feel more STRONG and POWERFUL when I move. I want to continue to commit to moving in some way, every day. So… moving often, cultivating strength with patience, working through fear without discrediting or judging it.

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