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FYF Freestyle’d Tip #2 – Transforming Negative Emotion to Positive Action

By findingyourfreestyle on February 8, 2017 in FYF Tips

Welcome to our second installment of Freestyle’d Tips! I hope you joined us in our first discussion about The Breath. This next rumination is on the idea of “negativity”, negative emotions and experiences as a tool to illuminate, to instruct, and to evolve from. A place not to avoid, fear, or resist, but a place to dive into more fearlessly to find more freedom, and where better than in our own movement. Take a listen. Please feel free to like, comment, and share! I mega-appreciate it.

“Negative emotions motivate change. Positive emotions confirm.”
― Dan Rockwell

The largest inhibitor of this process is the belief that the OUTSIDE circumstances are at fault. Blame. Deflection. Denial. Our powerful “allies” in staying put and not being accountable for the way we feel (even if we deflect onto others, or even onto time and space itself). But learning to respond consciously, and to take responsibility from the only thing you truly have any control over, you (and the way you react and feel), will transform your life.

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