FYF Freestyle’d Tip #5 – Creating Your Community

Hello and happy March! This week’s little chat is inspired by community. Specifically, I am really enjoying seeing the small (and growing) circuit of challengers exploring contrasting movement in the #FYFfriday #FYFchallenge, and the comments and love they are getting from other challengers! So much power in connection! This post is also dedicated to one of the community builders I want to acknowledge, @lovesol – for she is all the way in Japan (and on her own), and manages to organize classes, jams, and video swaps in her practice. So impressed, so inspired. For those of you who feel alone in your practice, take a little fiery inspo from Levy – she just goes out there and makes it happen – because she knows what it does for her life and her practice. You rock, lady.

Here is a little song for you to groove to, it came on by surprise after a serious freestyle round in our Intensive – and it made the whole group burst into silly dance 🙂 (a great memory)…

Also, if you want to experience a FYF Community like no other, join our retreat this May. More info here.

Photo of the Find Your Free Team by Cecilia De Bucourt.

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