FYF Freestyle’d Tip #6 – Authenticity

Today in this pole land, I wanted to talk about authenticity. And in true authentic style, I ramble on a bit. 🙂 The idea of authenticity goes in many directions for me; from following nourishment over stimuli, personal cultivation and awareness, to owning your process (success and failure), to being vulnerable, to having a strong inner bridge between your thoughts and the words you share, matching it with autonomous actions. It is the drawbridge that lowers over the river of pretense, and allows fresh REALNESS to pass. For me, this is about the way we engage with the world, it is a quality we can only cultivate in ourselves by doing the work – and in doing so we can recognize it in others.

I’m sure if you sat here for a second, you could roll in your mind several people who you feel are truly authentic either in their communication, actions, or movement. How much do you LOVE them? Yea, me too.

How many times do you regularly check in with your deeper motivations and ask yourself, “Is this what I like?”, “Is this what I want to spend my time and personal physical resources doing?”, “Why am I really sharing this video, or doing ‘that thing’?”, “What do I love and want more of?”, “What footprint do I leave in my interactions with myself and others?”, “What could I be more honest about?”, “What could I own more?”.

I’m not looking to land on any concrete advice here, as I’m more interested in the question and the search itself. But I know that the world of dance could give permission a lot more often to do you, and because it doesn’t, you should give permission to yourself. The most inspiring teachers, students, practitioners, artists, influencers, hobbyists, beginners to pros, do this very thing.

A little track that makes my body move true:

Stimulation vs. Nourishment with Rafe
And here is a video that always inspires me in its sharp wisdom. One that I come back to, over and over again. Take a listen.

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