FYF Freestyle’d Tip #7 – 2 (Non-Physical) Techniques For Way Better Freestyle Sessions

These two things can have profound instant and long-term positive effects on your freestyle practice. You may already be doing them, but you may not be aware of it. You may also be doing them in non-moving aspects of your life, but haven’t yet integrated the wisdom into your dance practice. Awareness is key.

And if they are things you are not doing, I suggest small and consistent attempts at these practices! It may take time, especially if you are conditioned to focus differently, or your conditioned to not focus at all! The ideas are simple, but the discipline to connect with and execute them may be a challenge done routinely until it is innate. Listen up and please share your thoughts. 🙂

A Little Test…

Here is a little assignment to test your intention setting (and ideally, this answer should be different for EVERY single person!), what intention could you set based on being inspired by this song? Play it, listen intently. You can do this by moving, or by visualization. You may connect with the artist’s voice, song title, lyrics, tone, layers, or something else that your mind/body gets drawn toward. In this example, the intention would last the length of the song, but intentions can be small or big, short or long-term. And they change.

How about this track? Same intention? New one? How different?

Another example…if you were going to OBSERVE this dancer’s freestyle session, what could you pinpoint was his potential intention? Are there one, or many? Working backwards, seeing a session after it happened, is another way to grow more aware of intention setting, and seeing purpose (or lack there-of) within the movement. 🙂


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