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FYF Freestyle’d Tip #12 – Observing Habits

By findingyourfreestyle on November 28, 2017 in FYF Tips

Hello everyone! Back from a long trip, I wanted to ruminate on the habits we function from – and within – not specifically in our dance life, but in our daily, everyday, life.

This requires the balance between doing and being, between action and awareness. Being an observer for how your moving/being is a powerful intuitive tool to bring to your freestyle practice. And you can hone this “skill” or may I say, state of being, by practicing it within the more mundane activities that most likely have your body on autopilot, and your mind trapped elsewhere.

I speak about this mostly from the angle of observing and inhabiting the state of bodily presence, this may include the way you move, your breathing, your posture, the way you sense or perceive, the amount of thought or quality of thought, and more. Take a listen!

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