The Finding Your Freestyle Podcast – Episode 1 – The Conscious Chef

Thank you for tuning in to our first episode of our brand new series: The Finding Your Freestyle Podcast (now in iTunes)! I’ve been inspired to start a dialogue online (for years, really) on the art of freestyle, and tangential topics of mindfulness, creativity, and expression with interesting folks who are doing their thing in their own way!

I aspire for this ongoing dialogue to be a nourishing spot for inspiring our diverse, daily practices. When awareness, curiosity, and intention collide, we find more freedom and ownership in each of our actions, and evolve how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Join me!

The #FYFpodcast will marinate with our blog and current #freestyledtips and the ongoing #fyfchallenge offerings, but I’m excited to now enjoy a discussion format and invite in other voices, and I brought up one of my best friends Kiele Turrini, the official chef of our Retreats, The Conscious Chef, to be my first guest.

You guys really enjoyed her infographic on mindful eating vs. dieting that we shared, and Kiele really explores instinct, intuition, harmony, and sensory awareness in her craft – what better person to inspire us in whatever our practice is! In this podcast we discuss intuitive cooking, instinct, flavor profiles, cravings, and more!

Kiele is a Natural Foods Chef, Intuitive Cooking Coach, and the founder of Conscious Chef in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She has a background in Food & Healing and whole food learning. Her goal is to open up people’s minds, hearts, and souls through learning about whole food nourishment, healing, making conscious choices, and living an exceptional, holistic, fulfilled lifestyle. Conscious Chef is a food & wellness company with a focus on eating Whole Foods, nutrient-rich living, and making conscious lifestyle choices to be your best self.