FYF Freestyle’d Tip #11 – The Three Voices

We have many voices in this world. Whether we speak, write, or move, we are always talking. What do we say well? How do we say it? In this discussion is the invitation to observe your different voices, learn from them, and find the opportunities to grow in awareness and even choice within them. Do we find authenticity by becoming more consistent through these different mediums, or is it more about honing what we are strongest at and backing that with intention, intimacy, and even vulnerability?

I’d love to know what you learn from your own voice, or the voices of those you love to listen to. And to use your own voice with more clarity, power, truth, and even passion.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #10 – Permission

Permission. Do you wait for it? Do you seek it? Do you give it? What is this preoccupation (usually unconscious) with getting permission to do things, to create things, to experience things? Please tune in to this Freestyle’d Tips where I discuss this topic, inspired by not only FYF class, but also a book I’m enjoying entitled BIG MAGIC, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

In this tip I reference a guided meditation, which I have completed and published for you to enjoy for less than a dollar! Download link is below:

Move Your Meditation Session #3: Before You Move Today (Only $.99!)

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #9 – Purifying your Movement

Hey ya’ll! I really love this discussion on slowing the F down. Please give it a listen, and as always, remember these Freestyle’d Tips are impromptu, there is no rehearsing and something I go on tangents. But inside that pure freestyle energy, is where interesting things come up, so please excuse any verbal hiccups. 🙂 In this chat I give you some tips on how to create movement sessions where you can structure in the genuine potentiality of letting your movement teach you.

3 FYF Instructor Playlists: Summer Grooves

Hey guys, happy Summer!!!! We hope your warmest months of the year are giving you lots of opportunities to move (well, unless you are south of the equator, in which case, maybe these tunes will bring you the memory of warmer weather)!

We’d love to give you a few new tracks to assist your summer grooviness… check out our instructor playlists below from Tracee Kafer, Julanne Barry, and Emily Rose! Let us know your favorites, tag us @findingyourfreestyle or #findingyourfreestyle on IG!

Tracee Kafer’s Summer Grooves

Julanne Barry’s Summer Grooves

Emily Rose’s Summer Grooves

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #8 – Stimulation vs. Nourishment

“What is the fitness industry, but a way to divorce the aesthetics from the function.” – Rafe Kelley

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile, thanks for your patience. I got inspired today to have a little chat about this concept that I first heard from Rafe Kelley. Within this little ditty, is a short guided exploration so you can start to grow more aware of what your practice brings to you. Do you spend time investing in movement that is truly nourishing? Do you drive your movement practice based on what is just stimulating for the moment? Do they feel different, and in what way? Take a listen…

Finding Your Freestyle April Spring Playlist

Spring is here!!!!! I can feel it invigorating my spirit, deepening my breath, and making me appreciate health, happiness, and SHORTS. Ah, to feel that warm sun on my skin, Spring breeze, and even warmer rainfall, that brings so much growth and color to our environment (and, well, sometimes wardrobe). I hope as you dance in your sessions, you let all that is around you influence your movement! Let it in!

Please enjoy this good-vibey playlist that will put that Spring in your freestyle steps.

Sending you love and blessings for your April. Playlist link.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #7 – 2 (Non-Physical) Techniques For Way Better Freestyle Sessions

These two things can have profound instant and long-term positive effects on your freestyle practice. You may already be doing them, but you may not be aware of it. You may also be doing them in non-moving aspects of your life, but haven’t yet integrated the wisdom into your dance practice. Awareness is key.

And if they are things you are not doing, I suggest small and consistent attempts at these practices! It may take time, especially if you are conditioned to focus differently, or your conditioned to not focus at all! The ideas are simple, but the discipline to connect with and execute them may be a challenge done routinely until it is innate. Listen up and please share your thoughts. 🙂

A Little Test…

Here is a little assignment to test your intention setting (and ideally, this answer should be different for EVERY single person!), what intention could you set based on being inspired by this song? Play it, listen intently. You can do this by moving, or by visualization. You may connect with the artist’s voice, song title, lyrics, tone, layers, or something else that your mind/body gets drawn toward. In this example, the intention would last the length of the song, but intentions can be small or big, short or long-term. And they change.

How about this track? Same intention? New one? How different?

Another example…if you were going to OBSERVE this dancer’s freestyle session, what could you pinpoint was his potential intention? Are there one, or many? Working backwards, seeing a session after it happened, is another way to grow more aware of intention setting, and seeing purpose (or lack there-of) within the movement. 🙂


FYF Freestyle’d Tip #6 – Authenticity

Today in this pole land, I wanted to talk about authenticity. And in true authentic style, I ramble on a bit. 🙂 The idea of authenticity goes in many directions for me; from following nourishment over stimuli, personal cultivation and awareness, to owning your process (success and failure), to being vulnerable, to having a strong inner bridge between your thoughts and the words you share, matching it with autonomous actions. It is the drawbridge that lowers over the river of pretense, and allows fresh REALNESS to pass. For me, this is about the way we engage with the world, it is a quality we can only cultivate in ourselves by doing the work – and in doing so we can recognize it in others.

I’m sure if you sat here for a second, you could roll in your mind several people who you feel are truly authentic either in their communication, actions, or movement. How much do you LOVE them? Yea, me too.

How many times do you regularly check in with your deeper motivations and ask yourself, “Is this what I like?”, “Is this what I want to spend my time and personal physical resources doing?”, “Why am I really sharing this video, or doing ‘that thing’?”, “What do I love and want more of?”, “What footprint do I leave in my interactions with myself and others?”, “What could I be more honest about?”, “What could I own more?”.

I’m not looking to land on any concrete advice here, as I’m more interested in the question and the search itself. But I know that the world of dance could give permission a lot more often to do you, and because it doesn’t, you should give permission to yourself. The most inspiring teachers, students, practitioners, artists, influencers, hobbyists, beginners to pros, do this very thing.

A little track that makes my body move true:

Stimulation vs. Nourishment with Rafe
And here is a video that always inspires me in its sharp wisdom. One that I come back to, over and over again. Take a listen.

Astrology March 2017: Full Moon in Virgo

Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville
Émile-Antoine Bayard and Alphonse de Neuville

Moon in Virgo

“It sometimes takes a moment of solitude to bring to mind the real power of companionship.” – Stephen Richards

This Sunday morning brings to light our third Full Moon of 2017; a lunar event the Native Americans refer to as The Worm Moon. Its name comes from the timely reemergence of the hardworking earthworm who will fertilize the Earth, its tireless efforts setting the stage for the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

A Full Moon floods our ecosystem with light, transferring with it extra energy – thus categorizing it as the most vibrant, productive, creative, and often chaotic time of the lunar cycle. The Moon, representative of the divine feminine spirit or Yin energy, is currently halfway through the Earth bound sign of Virgo. The altruistic analyst, Virgoan caste excel at making things better and run more smoothly. They are the guardian sign of the sixth house, the house of daily routine and health, and carry with with them a sharp wit and ability to communicate.

Arthur Prince Spear
Arthur Prince Spear

With Virgo shedding it’s light via our astrological symbol of subconscious and emotive foundation, this Full Moon and proceeding lunar phase encourages us to work through some of the issues we would have otherwise swept under the rug of heavy hearts, overfilled plates, and emotional battle wounds.

A nearly opposite aspect (interaction) with asteroid Chiron may hasten the effort to sort through past emotional, physical, and spiritual hang-ups bubbling to the conscious surface. Generally stimulating our Root Chakra as well as our Sacral Chakra, this along with written or verbal self-expression will ultimately leave us lighter, more whole, and confident.

Finding Your Freestyle Ideas: movement isolation, sensual-based movement phrase building, movement catharsis with encouraged self-critique
Tips: Keep in mind the amount of emotional-based work you load up with; too much work can bring out the anxious, self-alienating side of Virgo.
Chakras: Root; Sacral
Planets: Mercury, Ceres (asteroid), Moon
Keep This Crystal With You: Green Kyanite, Chrysocolla, Stichtite
Moon in Virgo Tarot Cards: Hermit, Magician (reversed), Reversed Ace of Wands

Arthur Prince Spear
Arthur Prince Spear

Sun In Pisces

“Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door.” – Emily Dickinson

The Sun, the brilliant and ever constant symbol of divine masculine energy (Yang) sits opposite the Full Moon in Pisces; the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. In the last week or so I’ve found it unusually difficult to go a few moments without finding myself confronted with a situation compelling me to help out, adapt, or let go.

Pisces, the enigmatic water element sign sits across from Virgo on the Zodiac, relating largely to the Sacral and Third Eye Chakras. Sun in Pisces renews our faith in self-renewal as well as generational change; it inspires us to dream more and worry less, and supports mindfulness and present moment meditation practice.

Characteristically mysterious and empathetic, Pisces destabilizes the constancy of the Sun; perhaps it’s best described as a sun shower that turns into a rainbow on a warm spring day. This unique interaction can encourage energy fluctuation, unexpected emotional revelations, and decreased focus/memorization skills.

Sun in Pisces acts instead as muse as it rewards the spirit with a deep yearning to use the imagination; exploring new techniques, freestyling, partner work, underwater movement exploration, and catching up on restorative energy work are all excellent ways to make use of the Sun in Pisces combination.

Finding Your Freestyle Ideas: Sun in Pisces feeds the unexpected or welcomes any new approach; imaginitive shape play, loosely structured movement assignments, sensual-based floor sequences, and working within groups to develop solo expression would all be ventures highlighted by this Sun transit.
Tips: With heightened emotional sensitivity, demanding and/or aggressive movement should be suspended until the Sun moves into independent, fiery Aries.
Chakras: Third Eye, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Planets: Neptune, Chiron (asteroid), Sun
Keep This Crystal With You: Chevron Amethyst, Bloodstone, Ametrine
Sun in Pisces Tarot Card: Heirophant (reversed), Sun, Five of Pentacles (reversed)

Meet Our FYF Astrology Resident: Danielle Romano

Danielle RomanoI am so excited to bring on Danielle, her incredibly insightful readings, and light-filled wisdom to Finding Your Freestyle as a monthly featured contributor to our blog!

Danielle Romano is our resident astrology intermediary! The moon, sun, and their influence upon our existence has proven to coincide with our interconnectedness. Studies regarding these aspects have helped people find profound meaning, cohesion, and a sense of direction in their lives. Dani’s readings will focus on current Moon transits along with other important cosmic aspects, and their affect on your five dimensional self. Danielle integrates astrology, RW Tarot, Western numerology, and Crystal studies into her divination process. Her aim is to provide empathic, relevant dissertation in accordance to current astrological happenings; guidance intertwining self-improvement, interpersonal mediation, and the pursuit of mind-body connectivity.