FYF Freestyle’d Tip #15 – What if I only have a few minutes to freestyle?

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since our last long-form Freestyle’d Tip, thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I wanted to give you some tips on what you can do to make the MOST of the few minutes you have to move. Maybe its that one song at the end of class, or you have a busy schedule and can only move for a few minutes, but know you want to/need to? How can you make the most of this time?

Short movement breaks or moments to dance can still be very beneficial to us; it can bring us insight, wake up our bodies and our creativity, shift or expand our energy, and let us release something that needs to go.

I’d love to help you consider the internal and external factors that can help “get you there”. Hopefully there is a tip in here that you can take with you!

Reminder, we have three events coming up that will assist you in accelerating your practice (and your understanding of freestyle)…. The FYF Intensive in Boulder, CO at Vertical Fusion April 6 – 8, the FYF Retreat Costa Rica May 12 – 19, and the FYF Retreat New York August 30 – September 4. Email me with any inquiries: findingyourfreestyle@gmail.com.

Sending you much love for your moving life! – Tracee

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #14 – “Being Good” Part II

This feels like a part II for me, based off of the last Freestyle’d Tip on our blog, “Dancing Doesn’t Always Have To Be “Good”.

Continuing my own dialogue with the idea that there is a whole facet to our practice that requires us to be empowered by “vulnerable” things, and of feeling enough RIGHT NOW… also included in this are a few practical ideas to cultivate more awareness, self-love, and worthiness when your practice is spiraling into spaces that don’t feel or look “good”.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #13 – Dancing Doesn’t Always Have To Be “Good”

Not giving a fuck… an important art form of life. Believe it or not, there is an aspect of you (RIGHT NOW) that is crying out for more of this expression. The act of constantly and unconsciously judging at all times the product of your own exploration/creation – the act of demanding progression, linear growth, control, impressiveness, talent, awesomeness, or some other label that self-validates can be helpful one moment, and totally damaging the next.



Today I wanted to share something that has been on my mind…

As always, I want to extend my gratitude to you for listening. These blog posts are my own process in finding a stronger voice of authenticity. This is a life-long journey, as even when we find what we feel is a personal truth, there is ALWAYS more we aren’t conscious of, or deny within. Inside this process of #freestyledtips I allow myself to learn through my own insights, thought patterns, emotions, and cycles. I show myself love by allowing myself to simmer in the mystery of it all, and hopefully in that process I can share something that resonates for you in your own life, and we can connect. <3

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #12 – Observing Habits

Hello everyone! Back from a long trip, I wanted to ruminate on the habits we function from – and within – not specifically in our dance life, but in our daily, everyday, life.

This requires the balance between doing and being, between action and awareness. Being an observer for how your moving/being is a powerful intuitive tool to bring to your freestyle practice. And you can hone this “skill” or may I say, state of being, by practicing it within the more mundane activities that most likely have your body on autopilot, and your mind trapped elsewhere.

I speak about this mostly from the angle of observing and inhabiting the state of bodily presence, this may include the way you move, your breathing, your posture, the way you sense or perceive, the amount of thought or quality of thought, and more. Take a listen!

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #11 – The Three Voices

We have many voices in this world. Whether we speak, write, or move, we are always talking. What do we say well? How do we say it? In this discussion is the invitation to observe your different voices, learn from them, and find the opportunities to grow in awareness and even choice within them. Do we find authenticity by becoming more consistent through these different mediums, or is it more about honing what we are strongest at and backing that with intention, intimacy, and even vulnerability?

I’d love to know what you learn from your own voice, or the voices of those you love to listen to. And to use your own voice with more clarity, power, truth, and even passion.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #10 – Permission

Permission. Do you wait for it? Do you seek it? Do you give it? What is this preoccupation (usually unconscious) with getting permission to do things, to create things, to experience things? Please tune in to this Freestyle’d Tips where I discuss this topic, inspired by not only FYF class, but also a book I’m enjoying entitled BIG MAGIC, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

In this tip I reference a guided meditation, which I have completed and published for you to enjoy for less than a dollar! Download link is below:

Move Your Meditation Session #3: Before You Move Today (Only $.99!)

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #9 – Purifying your Movement

Hey ya’ll! I really love this discussion on slowing the F down. Please give it a listen, and as always, remember these Freestyle’d Tips are impromptu, there is no rehearsing and something I go on tangents. But inside that pure freestyle energy, is where interesting things come up, so please excuse any verbal hiccups. 🙂 In this chat I give you some tips on how to create movement sessions where you can structure in the genuine potentiality of letting your movement teach you.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #8 – Stimulation vs. Nourishment

“What is the fitness industry, but a way to divorce the aesthetics from the function.” – Rafe Kelley

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile, thanks for your patience. I got inspired today to have a little chat about this concept that I first heard from Rafe Kelley. Within this little ditty, is a short guided exploration so you can start to grow more aware of what your practice brings to you. Do you spend time investing in movement that is truly nourishing? Do you drive your movement practice based on what is just stimulating for the moment? Do they feel different, and in what way? Take a listen…

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #7 – 2 (Non-Physical) Techniques For Way Better Freestyle Sessions

These two things can have profound instant and long-term positive effects on your freestyle practice. You may already be doing them, but you may not be aware of it. You may also be doing them in non-moving aspects of your life, but haven’t yet integrated the wisdom into your dance practice. Awareness is key.

And if they are things you are not doing, I suggest small and consistent attempts at these practices! It may take time, especially if you are conditioned to focus differently, or your conditioned to not focus at all! The ideas are simple, but the discipline to connect with and execute them may be a challenge done routinely until it is innate. Listen up and please share your thoughts. 🙂

A Little Test…

Here is a little assignment to test your intention setting (and ideally, this answer should be different for EVERY single person!), what intention could you set based on being inspired by this song? Play it, listen intently. You can do this by moving, or by visualization. You may connect with the artist’s voice, song title, lyrics, tone, layers, or something else that your mind/body gets drawn toward. In this example, the intention would last the length of the song, but intentions can be small or big, short or long-term. And they change.

How about this track? Same intention? New one? How different?

Another example…if you were going to OBSERVE this dancer’s freestyle session, what could you pinpoint was his potential intention? Are there one, or many? Working backwards, seeing a session after it happened, is another way to grow more aware of intention setting, and seeing purpose (or lack there-of) within the movement. 🙂


FYF Freestyle’d Tip #4 – Moving To Move Energy

Hello there! We are in our fourth Freestyle’d Tip! Thank you to those who wrote me about the last tip, I’m so glad it resonated for some of you – I even got to see some video examples of playing with repetition and “the threes” – it makes me so happy!

This next tip actually includes a sample meditation! I hope that at the end of the discussion about moving energy with dance, that you take a few minutes with me to breathe deeply and ask your body a few questions. These kinds of exercises can be extremely valuable before, during, of after a freestyle session. Let me know what you think.

Below I will reference the video I talk about, as I recorded this dance.

The Song:

Photo by Cecilia De Bucourt