Welcome to Finding Your Freestyle!

I know…it has been a long time coming. And I appreciate your patience more than you know. I am so happy to welcome you, finally. On this website, you can count on up-to-date info for workshops, intensives, classes, clothing, challenges, articles, video, and more! I hope to continue to inspire your movement journey, and connect with pole dancers, aerialists, and dancers from around the world. You are all so vitally important in weaving this web of great energy, and inspiring each other to keep finding joy and growth.

In finalizing the details of this site, I can’t help but remember the A-HA! moments I have had about FYF, and with my life in general. Many thoughts can be found if I just scroll past my old post feeds, as social media was the place where my brain and heart were allowed to marinate on my growing passions. I am eternally grateful for these platforms, and for the ability to see those thoughts evolve over time.

Here are a few things that I wrote on the Finding Your Freestyle Facebook page (the center of FYF’s growth over the years), which helped carve out FYF’s mission. If you are curious, take a look. And as always, thank you for your investment!

“It’s 2013. I’ve done the “hard on yourself. I’ve done the mental, verbal self-beatdowns. I’ve done the negative thoughts. I think as a dancer this mentality is what we are taught, what we are bred to do to reach personal excellence from a very young age. I don’t buy it. Not for me, ultimately. There are too many highs and lows. Too many sacrifices to my personal peace & happiness as a dancer. My more recent journey, and the one I think I will lead with me for the rest of my moving life, is one from love. I’m interested in if the same can be accomplished through self-respect and kindness, belief, overcoming the negative thoughts that swim back in, letting them go. Moving on. Praising my strengths and acknowledging my weaknesses, from the kind perspective of the objective observer. Working through them rather than trying to “beat” them. I hope that as a teacher, and a friend, I can try and instill this in others when I see the nasty creep in. When I see others not see themselves the way I do. Let’s bring positivity and light into our movement – and see how it grows.”

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“I remember saying as a kid and young adult, that I wouldn’t want to dance full time because I wanted to also ‘use my intelligence and education’, as well as my body and creativity.


Dance and athleticism, injury prevention, movement evolution and creativity, choreography, not to mention teaching all of the above – takes more cerebral work and intellectual depth than almost anything I’ve ever done. It’s fulfilling MIND, body, and soul. Dance grows intelligence and wisdom every day in so many ways. Thank god for dance.”

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“One of the objectives for Finding Your Freestyle is to contribute tools, ideas, alternative options, and even simple hints – on how to have meaningful, creative, out-of-the-stale-cereal-box pole freestyles when what your doing isn’t working. Sometimes you have to try another door if yours is locked, more effectively and consistently getting you “in the moment” using creative imagination. Not simply relying on the idea that if it’s not going well that day, you should give up on it, or yourself. That’s the perfect time to start having FUN.”