FYF Retreat: Costa Rica 2018


Find Your Free Retreat: Costa Rica



“This will be an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys self-love/self-care practices and MOVEMENT!!! Step out of your comfort zone all the way in Costa Rica where you will be surrounded by the most amazing women you will ever meet!!!” – 2017 FYF Retreater

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The Find Your Free Retreat is a seven day experience that will accelerate your movement practice so that you can fully embody all aspects of yourself more consciously using dance, creative exploration, community, and whole-body integration techniques.

Payment plans available.

If you desire to connect more deeply with your true self, to balance the “doing” and “being” aspect of dance/movement, to understand how to follow your intuition, to learn to trust what your body is communicating, to use dance as a method of self-discovery and growth, to expand your movement vocabulary beyond apparatus and style, to experience more freedom and knowledge in freestyle, to move through aspects of you and your life that are holding you back, to create more meaningful connection to peers and strangers, to refine your moving technique through multiple varied modalities, to restore your personal energy resources through movement, food, and nature, THIS RETREAT IS WHERE YOU NEED TO BE.

Who is this retreat designed for?
Individuals with a current movement practice, or experience in some form of dance, theatre, yoga, functional and natural movement, or other related moving language.

Who is this not ideal for?
This experience is not designed for the brand new or beginner mover. You can email us with specific inquiries: findingyourfreestyle@gmail.com.

This retreat will approach growing your movement and dance through exploration, vocabulary, technique, and refinement. Expect multiple modalities re-envisioned for use with freestyle… yoga-based foundational poses and patterns, joint articulation and isolation work, dance rhythms, floorwork ranging from natural/functional movement to sensual, quality of movement exploration, body conditioning, flexibility flow, pilates, basic dance vocabulary, partner collaboration, contact improv, and more.

It is our belief that inside the culture, community, and classroom of dance, although amazing in many ways, exists traumas both small and large. There are present factors of our moving language that are ignored, discarded, and disillusioned. The mind is resisted, the body is ignored, the emotions are either trapped, over-simplified, or exploited. While dance is praised as a form of creative freedom, in most cases, and behind the scenes, personal autonomy simply cannot thrive because of internal landscape and external environmental factors. Dancers and movers are stuck inside the mirror and facade that is created both literally, and figuratively, and “following your own compass” becomes a fight upstream against the current. In favor of external validation, instant gratification, and peer or industry approval, much of the mind-body-heart, and their true nature or truth, are denied and suppressed. And what’s more, you might not even be completely aware of it, beyond a general feeling of dissatisfaction.

But dance can be so much more for your life beyond the product. Dance and movement can be invaluable for creative empowerment, health, happiness, release, healing, connection, personal discovery and growth.

This retreat attempts to bridge the gap between where you want to go with your movement, where you’ve been, and where you are now with what you already have within you. At this retreat you will learn how to combine your future-based desires, your past experiences, and a present-moment cultivated personal awareness in relationship with each other, to transform the way dance looks and feels in your body.

finding-your-freestyle-retreatDance and movement will be facilitated by Finding Your Freestyle founder, Tracee Kafer, and her team of Dr. Jess Linick, Emily Rose, and Emily Sanderson. Tracee Kafer has been facilitating freestyle and instructing freestyle theory for the better part of six years, conducting weekly classes, specialty workshops, and intensives in cities and countries around the world. Tracee has a lifetime of experience studying, teaching, competing, choreographing, and performing in the dance world. Within the practice and study of movement, Tracee strives to facilitate a deeper understanding of self, of connection, of possibility and potential. Tracee works in relationship with her students to foster passion, patience, curiosity, and freedom; redefining what it means to feel successful, and making movement memories that carry into life.

finding-your-freestyle-retreat2. SOMATIC INTEGRATION
One of the most unique aspects of this retreat, is our connection between dance, psychology, and somatics. On staff for this retreat is Dr. Jess Linick, a clinical psychologist with extensive education in Somatic Experiencing®, and also a life-long dancer/mover. Tracee Kafer and Dr. Linick have been collaborating for years, both in the performance art with their dance company, Pole Speak, and within the classroom – creating groundbreaking movement work for dancers who desire to perceive and feel who they really are.

Combining techniques of SE with the creative expression of movement, you will leave this retreat with a new outlook on how to use movement to assess, listen, and hold space, to release trauma, pain, and physical narratives and habitual patterns.

finding-your-freestyle-retreat3. RECOVERY & RESTORATION
Another aspect of this retreat, is the inclusion of mobility, corrective movement, myofascial release work, and flexibility training. We want to guide your body to a more stable and strong place, so that it can support the movement expressions you want to explore more fully. On staff is Emily Sanderson, who has been teaching movement since she was 14, holds a degree in Kinesiology, a certification in Pilates, and years of study in anatomy, yoga, functional movement, dance, and pole and aerial dance. She also has been exploring her freestyle practice for a few years now, and has many tools and fresh insights to share.

You can also expect time for group discussion, contemplation, meditation and mindfulness outside of the dance space as well. All staff members of the FYF Retreat participate in daily self-care, and we want to help you find the practices that work best for your life. Also, the nightly group discussions will be a highlight of the retreat, as they create an intimate and bonding environment where we can all assist each other to transform and break through personal barriers and blocks. Self-growth, group work, and intuitive ritual practice is a powerful companion to any freestyle practice. It is within these techniques, that we can learn what it means to trust ourselves, and to follow a path towards self-mastery.

finding-your-freestyle-retreat6. ART
What may sound like a curveball to the retreat, is our addition of art exploration. We have FYF staffer and fine art grad, Emily Rose, to thank for that! When you explore and pursue new creative endeavors, you breath new life force energy and passion into the outlets you already know and love. You can expect many surprises here, but color is the canvas. Don’t worry, you may be led outside of your comfort zone, but that beginner-mindset can guide you closer to freedom, gratitude, and joy in the process.

Finding Your Freestyle events have a world-renowned reputation for fostering true community and deeper connections. Our learning environments and inclusive, social vibe fosters love, acceptance, fun, cooperation, and connection. You just have to experience it for yourself!

finding-your-freestyle-retreat7. PHOTOGRAPHY
We are so lucky to have Cecilia De Bucourt as our resident photographer, who’s reputation precedes her. Cecilia has shot some of the most incredible pole and movement athletes and artists around the world. But her personality and vibrant energy shines even brighter than her photos! We will also be including some group coaching on being photographed at the start of the retreat. Being comfortable in the visibility of the lens is an invaluable feeling that we want to gift you with, and Cecilia has decades of experience as a professional international model, fashion designer, makeup artist, and photographer. She will be with us during our daily activities to capture the moments you will want to remember forever. And if you desire to leave the retreat with breathtaking professional photos, Cecilia is also available for private sessions. Whether you desire a portrait experience, or more inventively, want to capture magic moments as they happen more in timing with your experience, Cecilia will work with you to create something unforgettable from start to finish. Email cdb@ceciliadebucourt.com for more info and inquiries.

Your stay at Blue Spirit includes three delicious consciously prepared meals a day. All meals are gourmet vegetarian. A few times each week few serve fresh, locally caught fish. The daily lunch and dinner buffet includes a Pure Food Option, which offers greens, grains, and legumes without oils or seasonings. We purchase the food from local farmers and organic produce when available.

Blue Spirit Costa Rica provides an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal development, and environmental sustainability. Perched on a hilltop that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile long white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge – Blue Spirit offers an extraordinarily beautiful and natural setting on one of Costa Rica’s renowned beaches, supporting your retreats, workshops, and trainings to be a deeply nurturing and unforgettable experience.

Blue Spirit is located in one of the world’s Blue Zones© which inspired the name Blue Spirit. According to author Dan Buettner, the Nicoya Peninsula is one of five Blue Zone’s in the world: a Blue Zone is an area where people live the longest and report the highest levels of well-being. While visiting Blue Spirit, you will feel the resonance of a vibrant, inspiring, and healing energy, because of the rich subtropical environment, and the cultural lifestyle.

Your stay at Blue Spirit offers you a comfortable and elegant accommodation, delicious gourmet vegetarian cuisine, a salt-water infinity pool, koi pond, café, gift shop, spa and longevity services, outdoor excursions, and complimentary wireless service.

Blue Spirit was founded by Stephan Rechtschaffen who also co-founded the renowned Omega Institutein Rhinebeck, NY. He is a nationally recognized holistic physician who lectures on health, wellness, nutrition, longevity, and time. These interests have drawn him to living and working in the more mindful and slower paced environment of Blue Spirit in Costa Rica.

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Remaining Rooms Available:
Eco-Cottage (1 Twin Bed Remaining)
Cost: $1900
The cottages are situated in lush vegetation, and their natural wood frame structure allow for a sensual being-in-touch experience with nature. Each cottage sleeps two people and has a private bathroom with ambient temperature water shower. Everything runs on solar powered electricity to provide an ecological setting. Cottages are at a short hike up a stone stairway from the main building.

Hermitage Single with A/C (4 Remaining, Queen Beds)
Cost: $2345
These rooms are specifically designed for singles, providing privacy and elegance, while being inexpensive. Some rooms have partial views of the ocean or some of the mountains nearby, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with solar hot water and A/C. Also available with two twin beds.

Nature Suite with A/C (2 Full Rooms Available & 1 Twin Shared Room, King or Twin Beds)
Cost: $2245 or $2745
The suites are cozy and situated on a hillside overlooking lush vegetation. They feature private bathrooms and a outdoor shower overlooking the jungle. Each suite sleeps two people (unless you go for a private room with king), has a separate enclosed porch with a desk, and solar hot water as well as A/C. The suites are a short walk up the hill to the main building.

Mountain View with A/C (SOLD OUT)
Cost: $2295 or $2795
These double rooms have step-out balconies and beautiful Mountain Views. The rooms are tastefully furnished and provide the perfect space for 2 people. Each room has a king-size bed or two twins with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air conditioning.

Ocean View with A/C (SOLD OUT)
Cost: $2395 or $2900
These double rooms have step-out balconies and beautiful ocean views. The rooms are tastefully furnished and provide the perfect space for 2 people. Each room has a king-size bed or two twins, with a private bathroom with solar hot water and air-conditioning.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your spot in the retreat, we can refund you what you’ve paid MINUS the 25% initial payment only if we can find someone to take your place. This policy is due to our contractual obligation to pay for all rooms reserved. If we cannot find a person to take your place, we unfortunately cannot offer you a refund. You can, however, transfer your enrollment to another person who can attend in your place!

Payment Plan Option:
– 25% down to hold spot
– Another 25% by 2/1
– Another 25% by 3/1
– Another 25% by 4/1

What is included in retreat fee:
– Your 7 night stay at the eco-friendly, sustainably built retreat center
– All your meals (local, organic, gluten-free available, vegetarian with some fish)
– All your group retreat activities (movement, somatics, art exploration, mindfulness and self-growth practices, group discussion sessions, ritual, and more)
– Retreat activity photos and candid moments taken by Cecilia De Bucourt

What is not included:
– A $60 shuttle from Liberia Airport (Costa Rica) to the Retreat, this is provided separately by the retreat center. Link here.
– Your flight (we highly recommend flying into Liberia, not San Jose)
– Any personally selected excursions or spa treatments booked with the retreat center
– Any private photoshoot sessions with Cecilia De Bucourt
– Any private sessions booked with a member of the FYF staff

Referral Program:
Receive a free 60 minute private with one of our instructors/facilitators as our thank you for any referral Retreater who signs up to join us for the event!

The Find Your Free Retreat, a 7-day experience in beautiful Costa Rica, is a dance and movement, art, mindfulness, and healing retreat hosted and facilitated by Tracee Kafer (creator of Finding Your Freestyle), with the assistance of Dr. Jess Linick (psychologist and mindfulness/somatic facilitator), Emily Rose (art/movement/FYF facilitator), Emily Sanderson (restoration and self-care, movement, conditioning, pilates, mobility), and Cecilia De Bucourt (photography and behind-the-lens coaching). If you desire to find freedom in your movement, to move for expression and well-being, this experience if for you. Intentionally retreat from your life’s patterning to one of the worlds most beautiful and lush oasis’ in order to create space for embodiment, integration, creativity, healing, community, expansion, and transformation.

Email us at findingyourfreestyle@gmail.com with any questions or to register your spot (You will receive a personal invoice).