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Finding Your Freestyle is available as a 90 minute class experience at Body & Pole in NYC every Friday. It is also available as a monthly event in London, follow Julanne Barry and Finding Your Freestyle London to stay updated on those happenings! To learn more about Finding Your Freestyle, visit the about page.

Finding Your Freestyle Privates

If you find along your freestyle journey (whether you’ve just begun or have been moving for years) that you need that extra care, coaching, support, push and inspiration, then this is absolutely for you. Being able to focus on each other in this way can yield incredible forward progress, creativity, and can get you out of a stagnant regimen. Finding Your Freestyle is available for a limited amount of private clients. Sessions can be booked in 60 – 90 minute windows (or longer if pre-arranged). Sessions will be highly catered to your specific movement needs, with progression in mind, and you may request any FYF Team instructor! Sessions can be conducted over video review and response via YouTube (not live, cheaper, may be preferred for many reasons), or live with Skype and FaceTime (one-on-one live attention, guidance and instruction!).

If you are interested, send us an email over at the contact page.

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Current FYF Workshops

Finding Your Freestyle – 90 Min/2 Hours

Explore and expand your movement on and around the pole with Finding Your Freestyle, a highly curated workshop supported by a strong methodology. Maybe you don’t invest enough time in your freestyles, or maybe you do and you just want more! This experience is designed to give you the tools to find more freedom in your freestyle movement practice, and to explore with more creativity, connectivity, and fun. Become more confident in your own body and learn how YOU love to move in a supportive environment focused on the individual and the collective enjoyment of dance. In this class you will go through a guided warm-up and meditation followed by assignments designed to enhance body awareness and emotional and physical expression, define and refine your movement style, and evolve the way you approach and interact with your pole. Learning to experience freestyle as a practice is a personal investment in transforming your mind, body, and spirit on and off the pole!

Finding Your Truth – 2-3 Hours

Experience the quality of authenticity and truthfulness in your performance and movement. Personal truth is an important facet to performing, one that leaves a lasting impression and helps you create with integrity and weight. This workshop will involve engaging dialogue discussing the importance of authenticity and freestyle movement in the development of artistic expression. This session will also include various group/partner exercises, floor and pole movement exercises, as well as a short Q&A at the conclusion.

Finding Your Freestyle: Isolations – 90 Min/2 Hours

Isolations: “Movement of one part of the body independently of the rest.”

If you are interested in the use of a freestyle practice with isolation work… this is the experience for you! While you learn to explore isolating the movements of your body, you not only simplify and contextualize, but you also open up the opportunity for more movement complexity and layers when combined with other isolations, varying movement qualities, and timing. The more aware we become of what can move autonomously, and how, the more we can be conscious of each movement choice we make, and how to listen, especially through the spontaneity of improv. This class will give you the opportunity to find more articulation and musicality in your grounded movement that will easily translate lower and higher in space (I’m looking at you aerial and floorworkers!). Even if you don’t want to isolate or work in a certain style… this play, study, and exploration will be infinitely valuable for just growing body awareness, mobility, and movement possibility.

Finding Your Floorwork – 90 Min/2 Hours

Untethering yourself from the pole can be daunting. Disconnecting from your pole, however, allows for new opportunities for grounded movement and utilizes the floor to invent stylized movement that not only looks interesting, but feels great. Most balanced pole freestyles, performances, and competition routines require an element of floor – but many times this is the area pole dancers struggle with the most. This class will not only leave you with more floorwork techniques and movement possibilities, but also with tools and conditioning to help you explore your own development of floorwork. Increasing your comfortability and experience with floor movement can also evolve your aerial fluidity…take those transitions, connections, and intentions and change your aerial game, too!

Free’ography – 2 Hours

In Free’ography, a special two hour workshop experience, the elements of Pole’ography and Finding Your Freestyle are combined for a holistic experience of movement. Merging elements of learning new vocabulary with the spontaneity and mindful practice of freestyle will leave you re-invigorated and inspired.

This three dimensional dance experience begins with a flowing, heating, and balancing warm-up. Then, you will learn a unique, stylized pole routine designed to increase your pole movement vocabulary while also focusing on musicality, style and emotional connectivity. Finally, adding curated creativity assignments, we set the choreography off in new and exciting directions. Choreography combined with freestyle will evolve the way you approach and interact with your pole, and your own movement style. It can have profound effects on your adaptability and execution during unforeseen situations, ideal for those who perform or wish to perform! Why just work on creating one flavor of your movement and timing, when you can grow in so many directions when you dance with any piece of planned movement or choreography!

Finding Your Freestyle: Good Vibe Tribe – 90 min/2 Hours

In this unique 2 hour workshop experience, you will be initiated into what can only be described as a beautiful Tribe of Freestylers. More than just self-explored freestyle, or even leader-led and contact improvisation, this class harnesses the true power and versatility of COLLABORATION. One of the best ways to grow your imagination and strengthen your creative voice is to utilize our connection with others. And when judgement, comparison, and isolation is discouraged, a tribe can build you up like no other.

With the guidance of Tracee Kafer under the principles of Finding Your Freestyle, you will be immersed in movement exercises, experiments and experiences that will allow you to grow as an individual within the collective effort. Learn and experience the positive effects of being a sound Observer, and break up your own habits and stagnation by allowing outside influence in a judgement-free zone. This class will refresh you mind, body and soul.

Requirements: Bring layers for floor-work, pole shorts for aerial work, and a camera (and a journal!) to record your adventures.

Finding Your Freestyle: All in the Details – 90 min/2 Hours

Sometimes what makes a beautiful freestyle isn’t the biggest display of strength or flexibility, but the smallest and most distinct moments that are truly unforgettable. In this two hour workshop, we will become obsessed with the details. It is in the details of our movement that our creativity roams free. This class is based on the principles and structure of Finding Your Freestyle, curated with the most impactful exercises and music for developing our freestyle instincts and detail awareness. We will explore breath, timing and musicality, contrasting movement quality, gesture clarity, isolations, shape, sensory input, and so much more.

Requirements: Bring layers for floor-work, pole shorts for aerial work, and a camera (and a journal!) to record your adventures.

Move Your Meditation – 90 min/2 Hours

In this workshop, we will use movement meditation practices to transform your freestyle experience. Beginning with a guided warm-up and based on principles of Finding Your Freestyle, we will focus on The Four Organs of Perception: Mind, Body, Heart, and Intuition. Utilizing meditation and mindfulness techniques combined with movement exercises, discussion, and carefully programmed music to accompany, this workshop gives you a unique experience full of tools and new directions to take with you with or without the pole. Perfect for those seeking healing/wellness practices within movement, and those looking to grow more self-aware and self-loving.

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