The Finding Your Freestyle Podcast – Episode 2 – Meditation with Dr. Linick

Thank you for tuning in to our second episode of our brand new series: The Finding Your Freestyle Podcast!

The #FYFpodcast will marinate with our blog and current #freestyledtips and the ongoing #fyfchallenge offerings, but now adding an immersive discussion format to bring in new voices. This podcast is inspired to start a larger dialogue on the art of freestyle (beyond modality and form), and tangential topics of mindfulness, awareness, intention, intuition, creativity, self-expression, and collaboration with interesting folks who are doing their thing in their own way! This podcast will continue to touch back on movement and freestyle practice, but includes the connection between freestyle, in moving form, and the way we can access that freedom in many other life experiences.

Dr. Jess Linick, psychologist and somatic therapist, is our second guest here to talk about meditation, and mindfulness. What is it? What is it not? How do we get started and where else can it go? There were so many fantastic talking points here, I highly suggest you listen – start to finish!

Dr. Jess Linick is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment and resolution of trauma, meditation, mindfulness, and body-oriented psychotherapy. She received her PhD from Columbia University, and currently practices in juvenile detention in New York City. Dr. Jess has danced her whole life, but began pole dancing while living in Los Angeles at BeSpun in 2011. Upon moving back to NYC in 2012, she started dancing at Body & Pole. Along with Tracee Kafer, she is the co-creator of Pole Speak. She is in the process of becoming a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, which is a body-oriented, trauma-focused healing modality. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at the WOOM Center in NYC, which combined elements of sound meditation with Vinyasa yoga, and is also Reiki Level 2 attuned.


FYF Freestyle’d Tip #15 – What if I only have a few minutes to freestyle?

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since our last long-form Freestyle’d Tip, thanks for tuning in! In this episode, I wanted to give you some tips on what you can do to make the MOST of the few minutes you have to move. Maybe its that one song at the end of class, or you have a busy schedule and can only move for a few minutes, but know you want to/need to? How can you make the most of this time?

Short movement breaks or moments to dance can still be very beneficial to us; it can bring us insight, wake up our bodies and our creativity, shift or expand our energy, and let us release something that needs to go.

I’d love to help you consider the internal and external factors that can help “get you there”. Hopefully there is a tip in here that you can take with you!

Reminder, we have three events coming up that will assist you in accelerating your practice (and your understanding of freestyle)…. The FYF Intensive in Boulder, CO at Vertical Fusion April 6 – 8, the FYF Retreat Costa Rica May 12 – 19, and the FYF Retreat New York August 30 – September 4. Email me with any inquiries:

Sending you much love for your moving life! – Tracee

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #14 – “Being Good” Part II

This feels like a part II for me, based off of the last Freestyle’d Tip on our blog, “Dancing Doesn’t Always Have To Be “Good”.

Continuing my own dialogue with the idea that there is a whole facet to our practice that requires us to be empowered by “vulnerable” things, and of feeling enough RIGHT NOW… also included in this are a few practical ideas to cultivate more awareness, self-love, and worthiness when your practice is spiraling into spaces that don’t feel or look “good”.

FYF December 2017 Playlist: Smooth Beats

Some of my favorite music to put on in a daily practice is more “neutral” in tone – there is a good, solid beat, a smooth quality over and under, a tone that I can massage and manipulate to more source from where I am at that day, rather than be led by the songs whims. This playlist is inspired by that, just usable music for whatever you are focusing in your movement. And sure, there are a few secrets in there that may drag you down somewhere deeper, or lift you up. 🙂 Playlist link.

Happy End of 2017, ya’ll!!!! Can’t wait to move into 2018 with you.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #11 – The Three Voices

We have many voices in this world. Whether we speak, write, or move, we are always talking. What do we say well? How do we say it? In this discussion is the invitation to observe your different voices, learn from them, and find the opportunities to grow in awareness and even choice within them. Do we find authenticity by becoming more consistent through these different mediums, or is it more about honing what we are strongest at and backing that with intention, intimacy, and even vulnerability?

I’d love to know what you learn from your own voice, or the voices of those you love to listen to. And to use your own voice with more clarity, power, truth, and even passion.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #10 – Permission

Permission. Do you wait for it? Do you seek it? Do you give it? What is this preoccupation (usually unconscious) with getting permission to do things, to create things, to experience things? Please tune in to this Freestyle’d Tips where I discuss this topic, inspired by not only FYF class, but also a book I’m enjoying entitled BIG MAGIC, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

In this tip I reference a guided meditation, which I have completed and published for you to enjoy for less than a dollar! Download link is below:

Move Your Meditation Session #3: Before You Move Today (Only $.99!)

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #9 – Purifying your Movement

Hey ya’ll! I really love this discussion on slowing the F down. Please give it a listen, and as always, remember these Freestyle’d Tips are impromptu, there is no rehearsing and something I go on tangents. But inside that pure freestyle energy, is where interesting things come up, so please excuse any verbal hiccups. 🙂 In this chat I give you some tips on how to create movement sessions where you can structure in the genuine potentiality of letting your movement teach you.

3 FYF Instructor Playlists: Summer Grooves

Hey guys, happy Summer!!!! We hope your warmest months of the year are giving you lots of opportunities to move (well, unless you are south of the equator, in which case, maybe these tunes will bring you the memory of warmer weather)!

We’d love to give you a few new tracks to assist your summer grooviness… check out our instructor playlists below from Tracee Kafer, Julanne Barry, and Emily Rose! Let us know your favorites, tag us @findingyourfreestyle or #findingyourfreestyle on IG!

Tracee Kafer’s Summer Grooves

Julanne Barry’s Summer Grooves

Emily Rose’s Summer Grooves

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #8 – Stimulation vs. Nourishment

“What is the fitness industry, but a way to divorce the aesthetics from the function.” – Rafe Kelley

Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile, thanks for your patience. I got inspired today to have a little chat about this concept that I first heard from Rafe Kelley. Within this little ditty, is a short guided exploration so you can start to grow more aware of what your practice brings to you. Do you spend time investing in movement that is truly nourishing? Do you drive your movement practice based on what is just stimulating for the moment? Do they feel different, and in what way? Take a listen…

New FYF Friday Challenge!

challenge-newsletterSo excited to bring back the FYF Challenge, and in a new way – introducing the FYF “Freestyle Friday” Challenge! Each Friday, we will kick off the week with a fun, guided, movement prompt meant to inspire your practice and encourage playful exploration and experimentation. You can use this as a focal point for a freestyle practice that week, or spice up your training regimen to keep it feeling fresh by focusing your mind and body in new or interesting ways on and around the pole!

Each week will feature examples from our FYF Brand Ambassador team (I can’t wait to see these videos!), and be structured by an overarching theme. Why themes? Because by focusing on ideas that work in collaboration with each other (rather than a random list of tasks) we can build a stronger creative foundation, one which helps us make even better connections with time. My hope is that you will walk away from a theme with more movement wisdom and options from your own practice!

Our first theme will be CONTRASTS… two opposing movement ideas that have close associations! Why CONTRASTS? Because we do not fully understand that which is until we understand that which it is not (you may need to read that once twice!). So… in movement, it is really valuable and important to explore on both ends of a spectrum to get a fuller grasp on your preferences and possibilities!

As always, if you share an entry on social media (this isn’t a competition, just an outlet to share and connect in your practice) – please use the hashtags #FYFfriday, #FYFchallenge, and #findingyourfreestyle so we can follow along… and also remember to support everyone else by following our 3-2-1 Social Media Rule – which basically means if you post something on your profile, please try to take the time to comment on and like 3 other posts in the challenge. To get support, we have to be supportive as well! Sending you so much love for doing this!

LET’S DANCE! Here are some more details of the weeks…

Friday, 2/24 Hosted by Meri Burgess
Select & Focus on 2 Parts of the Body

Try and keep the body parts you are focusing on within your movement far away from each other, maybe one at the top of the body, and one at the bottom, or one left one right, get creative!

Friday, 3/3 Hosted by Love Muwwakkil
Slow & Fast

You can work a lot with your musicality here, adding pauses, space, speed, and dynamics… you can even play with opposing the songs cue’s on pacing for extra fun!

Friday, 3/10 Hosted by Aggie Ng
Hard Lines & Soft Lines

You can think of circling/rounded movement, and then movement that is more linear/sharp/flat – with the pole it’s also helpful to think in terms of 2D and 3D!

Friday, 3/17 Hosted by Anna Grundstrom
Fold & Arch

Another way to say it? Close and Open!

Friday, 3/24 Hosted by Teresa Rodriguez
Small & Big Movement

Combining subtle, nuanced details with intention vs. bigger, more obvious movement that unapologetically takes up space!

Friday, 3/31 Hosted by Brynne Levy
Back 2 Back Songs: Freestyle to 2 Songs that Contrast

Pick and then freestyle with 2 songs that have opposing qualities and move to them back to back… you can think of contrasting emotions like love/hate, or songs that are simple vs songs that have many textures and layers, whatever feels right for you!