FYF Freestyle’d Tip #11 – The Three Voices

We have many voices in this world. Whether we speak, write, or move, we are always talking. What do we say well? How do we say it? In this discussion is the invitation to observe your different voices, learn from them, and find the opportunities to grow in awareness and even choice within them. Do we find authenticity by becoming more consistent through these different mediums, or is it more about honing what we are strongest at and backing that with intention, intimacy, and even vulnerability?

I’d love to know what you learn from your own voice, or the voices of those you love to listen to. And to use your own voice with more clarity, power, truth, and even passion.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #10 – Permission

Permission. Do you wait for it? Do you seek it? Do you give it? What is this preoccupation (usually unconscious) with getting permission to do things, to create things, to experience things? Please tune in to this Freestyle’d Tips where I discuss this topic, inspired by not only FYF class, but also a book I’m enjoying entitled BIG MAGIC, I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

In this tip I reference a guided meditation, which I have completed and published for you to enjoy for less than a dollar! Download link is below:

Move Your Meditation Session #3: Before You Move Today (Only $.99!)

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #9 – Purifying your Movement

Hey ya’ll! I really love this discussion on slowing the F down. Please give it a listen, and as always, remember these Freestyle’d Tips are impromptu, there is no rehearsing and something I go on tangents. But inside that pure freestyle energy, is where interesting things come up, so please excuse any verbal hiccups. 🙂 In this chat I give you some tips on how to create movement sessions where you can structure in the genuine potentiality of letting your movement teach you.

FYF Freestyle’d Tip #4 – Moving To Move Energy

Hello there! We are in our fourth Freestyle’d Tip! Thank you to those who wrote me about the last tip, I’m so glad it resonated for some of you – I even got to see some video examples of playing with repetition and “the threes” – it makes me so happy!

This next tip actually includes a sample meditation! I hope that at the end of the discussion about moving energy with dance, that you take a few minutes with me to breathe deeply and ask your body a few questions. These kinds of exercises can be extremely valuable before, during, of after a freestyle session. Let me know what you think.

Below I will reference the video I talk about, as I recorded this dance.

The Song:

Photo by Cecilia De Bucourt