I have been thinking a lot lately about appreciation, and criticism. Not really for any specific reason but the subject of what we think and say (and don’t say) about others is so interesting.

How can someone freely and honestly appreciate the creations and accomplishments of others if they a) have little-to-no self-appreciation and/or b) have created very little themselves that they are truly proud of.

Dissatisfaction and disharmony in ones own life will almost always transmute to dissatisfaction, criticism or judgement of others.

To find and appreciate something about someone else’s journey (even if it isn’t one you would ever take yourself) – you have to be on a path of your own, too. It’s a wonderful goal to strive to never be an obstacle in someone else’s growth.

If you would like to exercise more appreciation in your world (which leads to those wonderful butterfly feelings of wellness, not-to-mention generating positive experiences for others), the next time you scroll through your many feeds, take a few moments to write a sincere and well-meaning compliment, encouragement, or even private message acknowledging the creative effort of someone you may or may not know. And mean it. Take the time to be present enough to really see them and the effort they may have put into something, even if that something “ain’t really your bag”. And then, go do something for yourself that makes you feel pride! Take a dance class, record a freestyle (even if you never do anything else but watch it, and delete it), create a small choreo phrase, teach someone something new, invest in one of those idea bubbles in your head, organize a jam or training session, rock out a few crunches! Anything! Appreciate others, while also appreciating yourself.

I hope your week is a memorable and happy one!

This week, I appreciate this video footage of Terry Beeman, who reminds me by example to find every single moment’s full potential, and then, to reach 5 inches further into it. And to enjoy the sinking sensation into the floor, and the subsequent push to gain power from it. And those feet playing!!! GAH.

new years day practice 2016

This Is a personal video only, not intended for sales profit, this is for entertainment purpose only, i do not own rights to the music. Another editing project. Music on Itunes -RE (Helios rework) Practice day 1, finale project coming soon

Posted by Terry Beeman on Friday, January 1, 2016