A Fun, Freestyle Challenge Progression!


This was something that I intuitively created for my Wednesday 4:00 PM Finding Your Freestyle class at Body & Pole (now happening every week!), it’s quite simple, an effective pattern breaker, floor connector, and pathway carver. Take a look, and give it a try!

1. Start a moving meditation with only one rule, keep some part of your foot on the floor the whole time. Many will want to stick with toes and stay “in the pretty” zone, but remember the whole foot has feel-good potential, too!

2. Then you, or a partner/friend, cleverly place objects (the studio props of blocks and straps were perfect but literally anything goes) in the movement space, on the floor. Have fun with this! 😆 Goldilocks style… Not too many. Not too little. Then … move the same exercise intention of step 1 while also playing with avoidance of objects. Play with proximity to the object, the closer you get, the deeper the interaction.

3. Then, take the objects away, but imagine ANY kind of floor obstacle exists as you move. This requires you to tap into your intuitive imagination, and you can base it off the sensations you had from the last round. You can start by imagining the same objects, but then allow yourself to freely associate. They may change as you move, and should. Freedom is important here while you imagine visually or sensorially.

4. LAST ROUND, and this can go on for awhile as you remove all seeming constraints, allow yourself to start lifting your feet and legs away from the floor. Let your imagined objects remain, and spontaneously change, as your explore FLOOR and AIR. Music can help!

Remember to have fun, and stay curious! Breaking patterns can sometimes be uncomfortable, but you may enjoy it start to finish! Both kinds of experiences are useful for your freestyle practice. This progression is very warming as it forces you to engage with the lower body while heavily “leaning” on your pole anchor up top. While you do this work, you will GUARANTEED be shifting movement patterns, creating new whole body shapes and even transitions as you do so. You will also become aware of how you habitually travel directionally and use your feet, and how big and small of circular connections you make (the floor will feed this back to you well). Just the first exercise alone is wonderful for smoothing out your travel pathways and keeping you aware of footwork and fluidity. Socks would also be great here.

Tag @traceekafer and @findingyourfreestyle if you try it! Have fun floor skating and dodging!!!! Hashies: #findingyourfreestyle #fyfchallenge

A little sidenote: There are so many more steps you could make if you wanted this session to be longer, some of which is bringing secondary awareness back to neglected areas of the body, movement quality, or use of space… for example, I got so floor focused my head became “stuck” downward focused (looking at the “objects”), and so with video or partner witnessing and giving feedback I could go back in and play with that. ❤️

I could also interact with the objects with even more defined characteristic or “rules”. This would be great for floor and standing work too.

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FYF Freestyle’d Tip #4 – Moving To Move Energy

Hello there! We are in our fourth Freestyle’d Tip! Thank you to those who wrote me about the last tip, I’m so glad it resonated for some of you – I even got to see some video examples of playing with repetition and “the threes” – it makes me so happy!

This next tip actually includes a sample meditation! I hope that at the end of the discussion about moving energy with dance, that you take a few minutes with me to breathe deeply and ask your body a few questions. These kinds of exercises can be extremely valuable before, during, of after a freestyle session. Let me know what you think.

Below I will reference the video I talk about, as I recorded this dance.

The Song:

Photo by Cecilia De Bucourt