What is FYF?

Finding Your Freestyle was originally conceived by Tracee Kafer as a weekly class experience for the Body & Pole schedule, but Tracee had a premonition that her future journey was to share her love and passion for freestyle with the pole, aerial, and movement community at large. The goal: to turn what begins as a class experience – into a lifestyle practice, a world in which improvisation facilitates personal evolution, communication, and community.

Finding Your Freestyle is an immersive movement practice, learning experience, and apparel line supported by an interactive online resource and community. FYF works tirelessly to harness true safety, creativity, and joy of movement into every class, workshop, and online interaction.

What can freestyle be?

WAY more than just something you spend a few minutes on after pole, aerial or dance training to release stress and emotions.

A balance to your strength and technical training.

The ability to open up the capacity to speak in an adaptable, moving language, while balancing and integrating your body, mind, heart and spirit.

A way to experience moments of connectedness with yourself and others while utilizing your sensations, emotions, mental imagery, and physical facility.

A validation of your emotional vulnerability and physical identity.

An investment in cultivating a sense of personal movement style.

A highly effective mindfulness practice.

An ability to be truly spontaneous in a way that’s impactful and will constantly surprise and energize you.

A powerful tool to improve your performance and movement quality, adaptability, body awareness, endurance, and more.

One of the most beautiful ways to experience movement.

The World of Finding Your Freestyle includes:

•  Weekly Classes
•  Online Communities (FB, IG, YT) & Free Resources
•  Specialty Workshops & Intensives (Interested? Learn more)
•  Retreats (Interested? Learn more)
•  Apparel (Soft, affordable, movability, positive messages)

Finding Your Freestyle posts monthly Freestyle Challengespractice tips, anecdotes, as well as frequent inspiration from the pole community to expand and help shape our own personal Freestyle journeys of experimentation and practice.

Tracee Kafer QuoteTHE FYF CREED

Let’s dive deeper…let’s get freer.

Let’s think outside the box, become a voice of the music, and move with intention. The goal…to find our own true artistry that lives in the moment.

Let’s refine the art of your freestyle.


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