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FYF Intensive Testimonial: Saskia

2018 Testimonials

Marlo Fisken, owner of Flow Movement

“I attended my first pole intensive this weekend! Tracee Kafer and Emily Rose brought the FYF 2.0 to Boulder. I was actually home to participate, and it was pure awesomeness. This was the best possible way to step back into the movement zone after many weeks of travel, illness, and injury. I went in carrying all sorts of grumpiness from my lack of movement and came out with new friends and a much better mood. I’ve recommended FYF events before I ever went to one, and I will most certainly continue to do so. Thank you ladies for investing so deeply in your carefully crafted content and to everyone there for being fun, supportive, and OPEN.”

FYF Intensive Testimonial: Alisa

Melanie Piek, owner of Vertical Fusion

“So much gratitude to Tracee and Emily of Finding Your Freestyle for the amazing freestyle intensive this past weekend. Your workshop is like no other – it reaches beyond the physical aspect of movement! You helped us shift perspectives, pursue authenticity, and dance from the soul. One million heartfelt thanks! ❤️”

FYF Intensive Testimonial: Berna & Brynne

Amanda Grant, second year intensive participant

“Gah!! The FYF Intensive was this weekend and as usual Tracee Kafer delivered a wonderfully nurturing, inspirational, and therapeutic learning environment. I moved in delicious new ways and had some break throughs in my understanding of how to further develop my freestyle skills on my own. I am so grateful for this experience and everyone I shared it with 🤗💓💞💖”

FYF Intensive Testimonial: Sara & Lauren

Stefany on her FYF Intensive Experience

Amy on her FYF Intensive Experience

Levy, Private and Long Distance Client

Tracee Kafer is the most amazing and magical person I have met in the #poleworld. Her brain is incredible, and I cannot believe how she thinks of such freestyles to set your #soul #free.

I hope to one day help women set their souls free in my own mix of freestyle pole and yoga. I am not sure how this will play out, but I feel that I need to continue growing in my freestyle so that I can one day inspire others in a similar way that Tracee does.

I love this candid photo that my cousin @fei_lo took of us. Can you see the energy exchange?? I am #starstruck and just taking in as much as I could.

If you ever get a chance, you really need to take a private with Tracee. I wish I could take one of her #findingyourfreestyle instensives, but the timing and locations dont work out with my vacation times.

Serena, Chicago (FYF Intensive)

I just want to say thank you to Tracee Kafer and Emily Rose for an incredible, inspiring, moving weekend. You helped awaken something in me that I let lay dormant for too long, you gave my freestyle new life, new breath, and I am so excited to let this creature out to play and create and grow. Thank you for your insight, your hard work, your guidance, and your kindness. You created a safe space for us to be vulnerable, to learn, to start a journey. I feel so refreshed, invigorated, and yet contemplative. You harnessed some amazing energy and crafted an eye opening experience that was about so much more than freestyle and pole. You led us to a mirror and held our hand as we looked into it. My heart is so full. Thank you to the women I shared this experience with, for opening your studio and yourselves and digging deep with me.

My affirmation at the end of this intensive was Keep Going. Go Deeper. I can’t wait to. ? from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Michelle, Owner of Rising Goddess Fitness, Chicago (FYF Intensive)

I spent this weekend not only investing in myself but also being lucky enough to witness transformation as these other amazing women invested in themselves. This experience was about so much more than pole dance and because of it, I am forever changed – as a person and as a dancer. Thank you to Tracee and Emily for facilitating an experience that made all of us feel safe and open to being our most vulnerable selves. Through that vulnerability, we experienced incredible growth. All of us will always be connected through this shared journey. I am eternally grateful to each of you for your contributions and for the ways you inspired me to dig deep. I can’t wait to continue Finding My Freestyle. ❤️

Sara, Seattle (FYF Intensive)

Most polers have a few pole idols, or people who especially inspire their passion. I feel incredibly grateful I got to spend an entire weekend with mine (Tracee Kafer) going into a depth of pole I’ve never before experienced. How I got so lucky, I have no idea, but I’m certain the universe provides!

Gabrielle, Seattle (FYF Intensive)

After a full nights rest and time to process, I just wanted to share a little bit about my experience with the first Finding Your Freestyle Intensive facilitated by Tracee Kafer and Emily Rose. I could not have asked for a better way to spend my weekend. I am forever changed. What they do is raw and vulnerable and incredibly powerful. They ask you to reach inside of yourself and look a little deeper so that your dance can go a little deeper. So that you can experience on some level self-actualization through your art form. They ask you to laugh and make weird shapes and touch human bodies and experience the whole gamut of feeling. It was wonderful. And of course, it would not have been the same without the amazing women who joined me. We will forever be a part of the Good Vibe Tribe. Thank you. I am full to the brim with gratitude.

Lauren, Seattle (FYF Intensive)

Leaving the lake house with my body bruised, my muscles aching, my mind peaceful, my spirit soaring, and my heart content.

Taking part in the first Finding Your Freestyle Intensive was such an honor and a blessing. So much gratitude for all of the incredible women for making this experience fulfilling, for Rebekah, Leah, and Amy for welcoming me into their delicious space and for Tracee Kafer and Emily Rose for providing the tools to heal things I didn’t know were broken. I will carry this weekend in my heart and in my dance. So pumped to start 2016 off with such joy and exploration, and ready to surrender to divine timing and follow my intuition, and to dive in and keep finding my freestyle.‬

Stefany, Seattle (FYF Intensive)

I’ve never, ever in my life fallen so immediately in love with 15 people I’d never met before. On Friday, we met as strangers (minus one lovely who I already know) and by Sunday, as we left as dear friends. For me, this wasn’t just a dance workshop weekend. This was a life changing, soul enriching experience. I broke down walls I thought were SO strong, I began to heal things that are broken and I learned that I am truly, not alone. These women are precious beyond words and I’m ugly crying with graditude.

Elisabeth, Seattle (FYF Intensive)

Today was the most raw, vulnerable, cleansing day. I felt a key turn within and finally click into place. I can’t imagine to tell you the peace, clarity, and stillness I am feeling. All I can say is thank you.

Juliane, Germany

Words can’t decribe how deeply grateful I am for this weekend – I had the opportunity to dance with my greatest inspiration Tracee Kafer for the second (and surely not the last) time. Thank you so much for working with me, it really meant a lot to me. I can’t wait for some solo freestyle time at the studio to get into my flow state again! If there’ll ever be a FYF Intensive in Europe, count me in.

Angie, FYF Class at Body & Pole

I learned so much in class today, about freestyle and myself. Such an amazing experience. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Tracee take it! I’m so glad I did!!! Thank you for an amazing class today!

Rebecca, Chicago (FYF Intensive)

This weekend I was lucky enough to be part of the Finding Your Freestyle Intensive. Words cannot describe how amazing of an experience it was. Thank you to Tracee Kafer and Emily Rose for creating such and environment of artistry, love and acceptance.

Stacy, Chicago (FYF Intensive)

Feeling so blessed that I was able to learn to explore movement from these incredible women. They are so inspiring and dance so beautifully, it was an amazing weekend. Thank you. ‪#‎grateful‬ ‪#‎findingyourfreestyle‬ ‪#‎danceyourheartout‬ ‪#‎goodvibetribe‬ ???

@pole_ina, Germany

I can die happy now. Met the queen of freestyle and had 2 workshops with her. No hardcore crazy tricks just enjoying musicality and movement! I was in heaven ? thank you Tracee from the bottom of my heart!!

Megan, Chicago

Finding Your Narrative; The MOST AMAZING class I have taken. Danielle Romano you know I love you to the moon and back – you are so special to me and will always have a special place in my heart. Tracee Kafer you make my soul happy and feel complete. You two together are going to be unstoppable. WOW… Just wow. I love you both and am so THANKFUL for the both of you…

@red_roxane, France

#findingyourfreestyle #dancingmygratitude just the day after the coolest workshop I have ever done, I just wanted to feel the sensation of a unknown song…in a total freestyle! And you know what? It works better! Weird….thanks you again Tracee Kafer for your generosity and for sharing your exercises!

Sage, Colorado

Stellar workshop with Tracee Kafer tonight!! Your classes are by far my favorite, Tracee. From your warm ups, to your teaching style, to your activities – even your music choices – so much goodness! (I still need to steal whatever jams you were playing, btw. ❤)
Thank you for being such a lovely human being and constant source of inspiration.

Jess, Florida

Tracee Kafer was not only incredibly kind and fun, but a great instructor. I’ve taken quite a few workshops from various pole idols, but this workshop was different. I didn’t walk away with just some tricks – I walked away with a feeling, an understanding. For the first time, I truly danced. I needed this. Thank you Tracee.

Brittany, Florida

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to finally meet and work with this amazing woman. She’s been a huge inspiration to me as an instructor and dancer since I started pole. Thank you Tracee Kafer for reminding me why I love this sport.

Dawn, Florida

Hugsies with Tracee Kafer after her freestyle workshop today at Lotus Fitness Studio! I HIGHLY recommend taking her workshops if you have the chance! Her passion is so genuine you can almost feel everything she feels. I have several awesome tools for my freestyle practice now!

Kiara, Florida

Wow, Just WOW.
I took an INCREDIBLE workshop yesterday. It was liberating, it was energizing, it was ridiculously inspiring. You all need to book workshops in your studios with Tracee Kafer. The way she gets in your head so she can teach you how to let go, I’m in a lost for words.
I come from absolutely NO dancing background. The first dance class I ever took was when I did my first pole class. And now 28 months later, I am moving like I never thought possible, what so many doctors told me would never happen. I am doing it now. She helped me reach into that fear of mine, that little back in my head spot that makes me question myself, my movements, blocking the stories I am dying to tell. She hushed it, and now I feel freer than ever. Now I feel like I can finally dig deeper in my mind to be able to find those stories I am so afraid to tell without ever stating a word. By liberating me from fear, now my limbs can finally speak freer.
Thank you Tracee for starting ‪Finding Your Freestyle‬, the help you give women, the change you achieve in your workshop, had me fighting back my tears. I felt everyone’s energy shift. It was truly an experience.
Thank you so much for dancing with me, it truly means the world to me. – Kiara

Teresa, Madrid

Today I would just like to openly thank Tracee Kafer, who my students have probably heard me mention in class several times, because she was the one who made me fall in love with freestyle, which I now always incorporate into my classes. She is also a fantastic choreographer and I am lucky to have taken class with her several times. This freestyling business has definitely influenced the way I teach, and I absolutely love it. So my dear lovely people please just make sure you give proper credit to the people who inspire you and share their awesomeness with the world! Being inspired and learning from someone is all beautiful, but silently copying someone constantly is just not cool. – Teresa

Melanie, Colorado

Thank you isn’t enough for the experiences you created for Vertical Fusion. So much has been awakened through the opportunity to just dance with new ideas, visions, and connections. I feel like my dance has been refreshed and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was feeling the heaviness of some upcoming performances and how I wanted them to have a different and more connected feel but wasn’t sure how to make that happen. Now I’m looking forward to exploring the music and movement with new receptors and ideas. I am so grateful. A million thanks! Please, please come back to visit and teach us! XOXO – Melanie

Bob, Colorado

One of the most amazing workshops I have taken as a pole dancer. – Bob

Judy, Connecticut

While challenging the class to dance with their hearts and not their heads, Tracee envelopes the room with permission to just be who you want to be. This is one lady who has a whole lot to give! Everyone who took the workshops raved about how much they loved her and what she gave to them!!! – Judy

Lisa, Connecticut

Awesome! I so enjoyed your workshop at the Girl Spot and noticed that my freestyle dance flows so much better which has improved my confidence as well. I learned so much from you in such a short time and your love for what you do is reflected in your passionate instruction. So natural! xo. – Lisa